Lana Del Rey

Project: Lana Del Rey tour 2013-present

Role: Backing track and keyboard programmer

In 2013 I was brought in to design, build and program a keyboard rig and backing track system. The main aim was to bring some of the signature sounds from Lana’s first record to the live show. I built a Mainstage system and replicated the keyboard sounds from the record using Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate and Logic’s synths. I then worked closely with the Front Of House engineer to hone the sounds and make everything sit well in the live mix.

I have continued to work on this project, programming the sounds and tracks for live performance of the songs from Lana’s subsequent records, and looking after the equipment on tour from 2015-2017.

The video shows a performance from the 2013 UK leg of the tour, with my backing tracks and keyboard sounds.


Project: Radio 1 piano session

Role: Arranger and pianist

Soak asked me to accompany her for Radio 1′s first ever piano session. We performed her song “B a noBody” and a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.

Finke Design / Jesus Culture video

Project: Video to be shown at Jesus Culture conference in Los Angeles

Role: Composer and sound designer

Finke Design were commissioned to create an intro video for a conference in Los Angeles. Finke created a concept driven by the beating heart, and asked me to compose some music to reflect the theme.

Charlotte OC

Project: Live performance video for Charlotte OC.

Role: Backing track and keyboard programmer, performer (keys/bass)

I was hired to replicate keyboard sounds from the original EP recordings, and to provide and program a backing track system for the live performance. The idea was to create stripped-down, intimate arrangements of the songs so that the focus could be on Charlotte’s vocal performance.

The videos of these 4 songs were used as promotional material in advance of Charlotte’s Colour My Heart EP release in November 2013.

Bipolar Sunshine

Project: Bipolar Sunshine live gigs

Role: Musical director, backing track programmer

With a busy season of touring ahead of them, I was brought in to help Bipolar Sunshine take their live sound up a level. My first task was to work on the backing tracks. I edited all the backing tracks to get sounds, levels and EQs working well together, in a way that would complement the live instruments. I then worked with the band on sounds and song structures/arrangements, in order to make the set flow well. In order to better reproduce some of the signature drum sounds from the recordings, I replaced the band’s Octapad (which was being used for stock drum machine sounds) with a Roland SPD-SX which I programmed with samples from the drum tracks.

This video is a live version of Where Did The Love Go, with my backing tracks.